Frequently asked questions

What is RTG BLOGZ?

RTG Blogz is blog site currently posting blogs, selling multiple products, teaching various topics, etc.

What is RTG MartyG

MartyG is an online store owned by RTG Industries where everyone can buy and sell their products right from the comfort of their home.
MartyG For buyers : Buyers would select product/products and make a purchase by providing their payment details and shipping address, MartyG accepts COD, debit/credit cards & Paypal, Along with one of the fastest shipping service

What is Register for Awesomeness?

Registar for awesomeness means to register yourself for an online course, it accepts payments from debit/credit cards & Paypal for paid courses!

What is Ads@RTG

Ads RTG is an Advertising network run by RTG Industries where you place ads and select your daily budget and once we receive your deposit of sum Rs 500 we will start running your ads all over RTG network(includes RTG BLOGZ, RTG PRODUCTIONS, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Pintrest,etc.)

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