7 tips for having a successful social media campaign(part 2)

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Hey guys welcome back to my blog so today I will give you the next two tips(continuation from last blog) and if you have not yet read that blog then go back to that blog to understand this continuation, oh sorry guys almost forgot to continue so here they go:

3) Have a complete SURVEY on the topic which you are going to campaign on-

(1)First check whether anyone else did a survey on your topic and if yes then you better survey how did they do what they include and how much response they received.If no then you have a big planning ahead all the best.

(2)If you want to have a campaign for everyone then be ready to get a lot of positive responses from the public(only if your topic of campaign is appealing for everyone).


1)S.E.O also known as "Search Engine Optimization" by now you might have known what is it's use for a campaign well it's the most important point to attract to your campaign by adding most relevant keywords and #hashtags to your campaign will automatically attract social media users to your campaign by giving the title with attractive and most search relevant keywords(which words a users would type the most like corona for now as it is the most trending topic!).(NOTE : to learn S.E.O give a request for S.E.O course the site handlers would provide you an excellent course on S.E.O)

Okay, guys enough for today we'll give another two points in the next blog stay ready it may come very fast!😎😎😎

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