Accidental Invention of Potato Chips!

Mom : Hey! Saaransh

Saaransh : Storytime! Mom

Mom : Yes, today I will tell you an enthralling story

Saaransh : Is it of kid inventor?

Mom : Not of a kid inventor but about the invention which is one of the most favorites of kids.

Saaransh : Wow!

Mom :It’s an invention story of Potato Chips!!

This is the story of native American Chef George Crum which dates back to the nineteenth century in the year 1853. He was living in Saratoga springs, New York. Saratoga springs is a popular resort destination since centuries.

It was usual day for Chef George Crum. He was busy in the kitchen of Saratoga Springs resort to make preparations for the day. The resort was located in scenic view overlooking Saratoga lake. Serene, peaceful place always inspired George to work efficiently. His resort was famous for French fries. People used to visit to munch on delicious fries.

That day one diner visited the resort. As per order George served him their signature dish French fries. Diner was unsatisfied with texture of fried potatoes and returned it. George improvised as instructed. He still found the fries thick. George again fried the comparatively thinner fries. But that did not meet diner’s expectation. Diner sent back the fries to kitchen multiple times in protest.

Saaransh : Chef George must be feeling annoyed by now.

Mom : Actually! Furious chef George now wanted to annoy the diner for his fuss. He made too thin slices of potato than he would usually make to eat with fork. These thin slices were fried till they become crunchy. Crunchy fries were then loaded with lots of salt to teach a lesson and served to the fussy customer. George was expecting a backlash from the customer.

But to his surprise customer found those salty, crunchy fries very delicious. He was not only satisfied but loved the dish also. Whoa! This gave birth to potato chips.

Chef George afterwards opened his own restaurant serving chips. During that time potato chips were called as Saratoga Chips and potato crunches. Soon people started making and selling chips.

Earlier chips were stored in big container and scooped out in the tin or bag of the customer.

Saaransh : Oh! Like the vegetable vendor uncle who gives us vegetables in our bag.

Mom : Hmm. But this raised the concern of hygiene and the chips at the bottom usually gets broken. This concern gave rise to use of wax paper bags. Use of sealed wax paper bags allowed potato chips to become a mass product. Wax paper bags stayed popular for around three decades until the plastic bags took over the lead in snack market. This crunchy munchy snack is one of the most favorite snacks all over the world because of its taste and convenience. These day’s market is flooded with the variety of chips including fried, baked, spiced, salted, etc.

Saaransh : Mom, why the pack of chips contain so much air?

Mom : This is because of the interesting fact about the pack of chips. Amount of gas in the pack of chips is more than the quantity of chips. This gas is nothing but Nitrogen which helps to keep chips fresh as well as prevent them from breaking.

Time to retire for the day! Good night! Dear

Saaransh : Good night! Mom

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