Updated: Dec 11, 2020

What if you get a cover of cancer prevention.

We all are used to of hearing insurance cover of cancer treatment. Treatment part doctor takes care of, but we can form a shield of strong immunity against this notorious deadly disease. The moment we hear this scary word 'Cancer' all the negative thoughts prevail in our mind. Either you are diagnosed with Cancer, cured of Cancer or a healthy person, the scare is always there.


Our body is made up of cells. These cells die when they get old or damaged & replaced by new cells. But when

these cells inspite of dieing grows uncontrollably forming new abnormal cells. These extra cells collectively

form a mass of tissue which is called tumor. Sometimes these tumors are benign i.e. non cancerous. Also some

kind of cancers like leukemia which is blood cancer does not develop tumor.

This tumor can develope anywhere in our body. Since its inside the body it is generally noticed when it starts

obstructing daily functioning of the body.

Our body starts giving signal when something unusual happens inside. We usually ignore our body considering it a

temporary phase. It may be any pain somewhere in the body, fatigue, loss of appetite, some kind of bulge externally,

some swelling, unusual coughing, unusual bleeding etc..Always listen to body's call. Whenever you feel sick, take

rest, visit doctor. Follow instructions of your health expert.

Inplace of testing the capacity of your immune system support your immunity to fight.

I guess i just frightened you don't worry I'll give you tips in my next blog to protect yourself from cancer TILL THEN BYE-BYE!!!

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