Exciting invention of Trampoline

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Saaransh : Mom today I am tired a lot. As I jumped, ran and played in the park with my friends.

Mom : Let’s skip a story so that you can call it a day.

Saaransh : No Mom, will hear the story first and then hit the sack.

Mom : Fine. Here we go to our inspiring, engrossing story land.

This is the story of kid inventor. A teenager gymnast who with his coach invented a Trampoline.

Born & brought up in Iowa, USA, little Nissen was always interested in gymnastics. With age his passion for gymnastics was growing day by day. He later joined Iowa university where he became a part gymnastic team as a diving competitor. He won trophies in many competitions. At the university he was introduced to the tumbler and coach of the team, Larry Griswold.

Saaransh : What do you mean by tumbler?

Mom : Tumbler means a person who performs leaps, somersaults and such other body feats. That’s also a kind of gymnastic.

One day while watching circus, he was mesmerized by the performances of acrobats. Use of nets to rebound and perform further tricks by acrobats amused Nissan the most. He was curious to know how they perform aerial acts so aptly. He tried performing same aerial tricks but in vein. Due to the effect of gravity he could not rebound. His curiosity to learn and excel inspired him to think of bouncing rig. Larry got involved in this novel project of Nissan. They came up with the model constructed of a canvas piece fixed with curled springs on the iron frame. It worked efficiently. Nissan and Larry improved their skills with their bouncing rig. Nissan also used it to entertain kids in surrounding area.

Once while on the tour to Mexico he came across the Spanish word Trampolin which means diving board. He liked the term so much that he added ‘e’ to the word and trademarked his apparatus as Trampoline. Nissan & Larry formed a company Griswold-Nissen Trampoline & Tumbling company to commercialize their product. They showcased their apparatus at different places and organized shows of Gymnastics on Trampoline. But it failed to accelerate the sales of trampoline. Larry left the partnership and moved to entertainment industry.

But Nissen George pursued it. He grabbed the order of 100 trampolines by army for their parachute training to the pilots.

Nissen George published his invention with the photograph of him alongside Kangaroo jumping on the trampoline. Soon people found the trampoline fascinating and it became a craze amongst kids, teenagers and adults too. From 1950 jumping centers sprung up all over the USA which made Nissen George a Billionaire. Almost after six decades Trampoline became an Olympic sport in 2000.

After the enjoying the success of Trampoline for few decades Nissen sold the company eventually.

But even today Trampoline is enjoyed by both kids & adults who gets an incredible chance of performing circus like moves in the air. Trampoline is a great source of exercising while having fun if done carefully under supervision.

Saaransh : Mom this time I want to watch the Trampoline competition in Olympics. When is that?

Mom : For sure, we both will watch. Olympics matches are scheduled from July 2021.

The take away from the story is Curiosity is the art of creativity. Be always curious about your surroundings.

Time to retire for the day, dear. Good night and sleep tight.

Saaransh : Good night Mom.

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