How to stay protected from leopard attacks

Hey guys welcome to my blog and I wanna share you 3 tips to keep you and your family safe from.....So here we go!!!

  • Never be foolish one to try getting close to a leopard cub even if the mother is away as they have some strategy as none of the animals or humans is mad to leave their little ones unsupervised as the mother keeps an eye on the cubs while hunting you might provide them a ready made dinner!, so whats your plan do you wanna be the dinner then always follow these steps

  • Try your best to keep children elderly people and ladies secure in some strong place.

  • If a leopard tries to charge or pounce upon you or anyone else just shout out laud or try to growl like a tiger but loudly(don't focus on the sound focus on loudness try to be as loud as possible it might even be your distress signal)and try being as long as possible in height as there are fewer cases in which leopards attack upon anything that is tall it might scare it away

Okay thats it I can't give you anything more to stay protected from these leopards hope you've liked then please give a like to this blog, thank-you and bye-bye!!And don't forget to share this blog with your friends and family!

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