How to survive a SNAKE BITE? (first aid treatment)

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Hey guys welcome to my blog and today we are learning to survive a SNAKE BITE!!!

I know its hard to believe but there are almost 80,000 deaths world wide every year due to snakebites(data is provided by W.H.O) I know this number is really less than covid-19 deaths(315k).Hey there, lets come back to snake bites info upon covid-19 will be covered in Corona category of blogs okay so lets continue......

(Important notice before you start reading: All those who are treated by first aid always have 99% chances to live and the chances to live without on time first-aid is too low so you better read this blog very carefully as this will be helpful for you in future)

  1. Just throw away all the sharp objects you are having on your body(any kind of jewelry or watches or pocket knife's)

  2. Never raise the snake bitten part above the level of heart to slow the speed of venom from reaching the heart.

  3. Try your best to stay as much relaxed and calmed as possible as if you are too much scared about the bite then obviously your blood pressure might increase as much as twice so better stay calm and call for help try not taking tension as it would also increase your blood pressure to stay calm here are my tips

  • Remember your old school friends

  • Try remembering your most favorite food or anything else you like the most!

  • Gather up all the hope and laugh out laud to the world and tell that snake who caused this trouble to you that you are not afraid anything be brave it won't come back to you ever as it gets scared of you

  • Give generous smile to the snake and relax on the ground

  • I guess these many tips are enough for you to understand to stay calm.

Here are the next steps for you

  1. Before the snake is out of your vision memorize the color height and anything else you might have noticed on the body the snake so that the doc gets to know exactly which kind of snake bite you so that much faster you can be given the right treatment as giving a right treatment is always necessary.

  2. Hey I almost forgot to tell you that try applying dry bandage over the wound loosely.

  3. Most IMPORTANTLY don't forget to tie the upper region of bite as tight as possible slowing the venom from reaching your heart.

  4. I guess this much is the most information i can give you about surviving a snakebite.

Thanks for reading my blog would meet in the next first aid blog bye-bye! And don't forget to give a like to this blog because each like counts!

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