Impermanence is Permanent So live in present & feel the life.

Once upon a time in land not too far away, four trees started to grow on top of small hill. Three of the trees are very selfish,arrogant and proud trees always boasting how big and tall they will become, teasing each other how they will live forever. The fourth tree is all happy and content, just to be free.

Many years pass and three trees all look impressive and have grown tall, but they have grown ever more arrogant and teasing each other. The fourth tree is not the best looking or tallest but is all happy and content , just to be a tree and always grateful to God for giving best life.

The woodcutter comes along and cuts the arrogant three trees down to ground. The 1st tree is made into City gates, 2nd tree a Great warship & 3rd tree into great place of worship. Each tree is proud & thinking how they are superior from each other. The 4th tree is still happy & content , just be grateful to God.

A great army comes to attack the city, city gates are destroyed, great warship is sunk in the harbour & place of worship burnt.

The 4th tree knows that it cannot live forever. That day will come when 4th tree too will pass away. But not before it sets a seed to Four little trees growing on that hill , happy & content.

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