Invention of Aeroplane!✈

Mom : Saaransh today’s story is about two brothers

Saaransh : Do you mean a story of an invention by two brothers?

Mom : Absolutely

Saaransh : Oh! That’s interesting

Mom : This story is about the dream of Orville & Wilbur Wright brothers. The dream to which they made reality. It all started when Mr. Milton Wright gifted toy helicopter to his kids. Seeing the mechanics of helicopter actually paved the way to Wright brothers dream of flying machine. Whenever they would see wings of helicopter twirl, they too dreamt of flying themselves. Their parents encouraged them to follow their dream. Their mother was good in mechanical studies. Boys learned a lot from her. They were growing reading about flights & observing birds fly.

During young age, both worked in printing press. Then they opened cycle repairing shop followed by the bike shop. They always worked on different mechanical projects. But their childhood dream was still chasing them. They started following research work of German aviator Otto Lilienthal who died in glider crash. Leaving their bike business, they chose to relocate to outer banks of North Carolina which offered tall dunes to glide and soft sand for landing with high average winds. This surrounding helped them to carry out their experimentation with glider. They made kite like glider first time. The Wright brothers kept studying & testing new designs to make their flying machine better. Their experience of printing press, cycle repairing & bike making contributed in developing their dream flying machine called Airplane. Earlier as well also some people worked on airplane but Wright brothers were the first one to introduce three axis control of aircraft as well as designing an engine which was light & powerful enough to propel. This helped the airplane to maintain balance & change direction in the air.

Thus the Airplane was invented by Wright brothers in 1903. They are considered as the pioneers of aviation.

Saaransh : Were they trained pilot to fly Airplane?

Mom : Good question. They were inventors of Airplane not the professional pilots.

You must be wondering how did they test the capability of their invention, right?

Saaransh : Yes, I mean how would they fly their airplane

Mom : Though they were not the trained pilot but during experimentation of glider they developed that skill gradually.

Got it, time to retire for the day now! Dear, Good night!

Saaransh : Good night!

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