Invention of Camera

Mom : Hey! Saaransh, are you ready for bedtime stories?

Saaransh : Yes!

Mom : What happened you look bit sad?

Saaransh : Mom, I am feeling bad as we could not click a class photo due to this Covid 19.

Mom : Oh! Can you tell me how a class photo is clicked?

Saaransh : Nothing, just photographer uncle comes, he makes us stand behind our teacher & clicks it. After some days we get the photo. That’s it

Mom : Do you know who invented Camera?

Saaransh : Oh, so today’s story is about invention of camera.

Mom : Yup! George Eastman invented the camera. Many scientists contributed to this invention like Johan Zahn, Joseph Niepce. But affordable as well as user friendly camera developed by George Eastman.

In olden days, taking a photograph was not just a click away. There was time when through obscura camera an image was formed on the wall & then traced manually.

Saaransh : Obscura Camera?

Mom : It’s a Latin name which means ‘Dark Chamber.’ It consisted of small darkened rooms with light admitted through a single tiny hole. This camera in the earliest days used to be of small room size. Gradually it was modified to pocket size camera. But there was no way to preserve the images produced by these cameras apart from manually tracing them. Trouble of manual tracing was the triggering point for invention of camera. A businessman in George thrived to develop a light weight as well as affordable camera. Carrying Obscura camera was challenging. As initially possessing camera was a pricey affair. Only rich people could afford it. He along with William Walker created a light weight roll holder that would fit in camera.

A camera with roll. After this invention he formed a company manufacturing camera called Kodak.

Saaransh : A camera with roll inside it?

Mom : Yes, our generation has loads of memories related to such Kodak camera. Our memories are captured through this Kodak cameras. We used to load the roll in camera, then once the roll is over will give to studios to develop photos. We did wait for our photos. Many times, relived the past occasions with those albums of photos.

Saaransh : Nowadays we don’t need to wait to see our clicked photos. We check it on mobile if don’t like can click again.

Mom : Yes modern day mobile cameras are updated to provide you this feature.

Time to sleep now, Good night

Saaransh : Good night. Sweet dreams

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