Invention of Car!

Mom : Saaransh, which is your favorite toy?

Saaransh : My super car. I love to see my toy car going zooooom.

Mom : I too enjoy watching you play with toy car. So, thought of sharing story of car invention, what say?

Saaransh : Can’t wait anymore, Mom, please start

Mom : Okay , can understand your excitement. Here we go….

Like many other inventions the original idea of automobiles cannot be attributed to any individual. But self-propelled vehicle was the brainchild of the great Leonardo da Vinci.

Saaransh : What do you mean by Self-propelled?

Mom : Self propelled means Auto moving. That is why called as automobile.

Saaransh : oh!

Mom : After him many engineers contributed in developing a present car model. Right from the animal carriage, to windmill driven vehicle, to steam powered three-wheeler, to gasoline and now electric car. Modern day car has covered so many milestones to reach present stage.

Mr. Carl Benz, a German mechanical engineer is credited for the invention of car.

Carl lost father in an accident at the age of 2. His mother supported his education single handedly. After completing his education Carl tried hands in business of casting metal. That venture did not prove successful for him. So, his new bride Bertha used the dowry to fund the factory of gas building engines. Here he made some profit which was used in experimentation of developing petroleum driven car. He built three prototypes of his motorcar. Benz was trying for best possible model. After the third model Bertha took a historic decision of test drive of the latest model developed by her husband.

Early morning Bertha drove two teenage sons to her mother’s home. Being a new vehicle on road, she had to improvise repairs along the way with shoe leather, hair pin. But the drive was successful. This trip helped in convincing people about the usefulness of automobile. At the same time Benz could understand the practical challenges faced on the road while driving. He worked to improve the car and finally it resulted in the revolutionary invention of car.

Benz then set up a business of car manufacturing which gave him all the due fame & money.

Saaransh : Ohh! Does Benz car company still exist?

Mom : Yes in the name of Mercedes Benz.

Saaransh : Mercedes Benz?

Mom : Yea! Actually, there was one more popular name in the car manufacturing, Gotilieb Daimler during those days. Both companies committed to highest quality standards. Post first world war both companies merged and the brand Mercedes Benz came into existence which still follows the motto of best or nothing.

Saaransh : Mercedes Benz exists from that time, so many years?

Mom : Yes, indeed.

Now the time is to sleep tight, Good night!! Saaransh.

Saaransh : Good night! Mom

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