Invention of Computer!

Saaransh : Mom which invention story will you tell me today?

Mom : Due to Covid-19 pandemic, your online school is going on through Laptop. So, I thought of sharing invention story of Computer, what say?

Saaransh : Hmm yes would love to hear about the computer.

Mom : Great.

The computer was originally invented to do repetitive calculations quickly and accurately.

Up to the 19th century people used to refer a book of tables for complex additions, subtractions required to calculate taxes, for navigation, launching artillery shells, etc. These tables were prepared by a person, someone who literally sat around all day adding, subtracting numbers and entering the result into the tables. This complex number crunching inspired British mathematician, Charles Babbage in first place. He wandered to produce such tables faster with less manpower and fewer mistakes. He built the machine which worked on the principle of finite differences or making mathematical calculations by repeated additions without using multiplication or division. Realizing the importance of his work Government approved a funding for his efforts. It took eight years for him to produce a functioning prototype of his table making machine. He named this machine as Difference machine.

Saaransh : Even our teacher taught us only addition and subtraction initially. Now we will learn multiplication.

Mom : Correct because they are basic operations of calculations.

He developed difference machine but by this time he had run out of government funding.

This did not stop him from experimenting the even grander idea of Analytical engine, a new kind of mechanical computer that could make even more complex calculations like multiplication and division. The first computer resembling today’s modern machine was the analytical engine conceived and designed by British mathematician Charles Babbage. Although Babbage never built a single production model of analytical engine due to shortage of funds, he had a clear vision about how the machine would look and work. It took almost a century for functional computer to be a reality. British mathematician Alan Turing proved Babbage theory of analytical engine. But the German, Konrad Zuse built actual first programmable electric computer.

Though other notable people were involved to develop modern age computer, Charles Babbage was the first person to consider programmable machine. That is why he is often called as the Father of Computer.

Saaransh : Oh! Father of Computer

Mom : Time to retire for the day, Good night!

Saaransh : Good night mom.

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