Invention of Popsicle

Mom: Hey Saaransh today I have thought of sharing story of invention by a kid.

Saaransh: Invention by kid? Wow that sounds fascinating.

Mom: Here comes the story of 11 years old kid from San Francisco. His name was...............

Frank Epperson. He used to make soda drinks of different flavors for himself. One fine day Frank was drinking his DIY soda drink sitting in the porch. Something caught his attention and he abandoned soda drink in the porch with a stirring stick in the glass. That night temperature in San Francisco reached a very low temperature.

Next day morning when he realized that he forgot his glass of soda drink in the porch, he rushed to the porch. To his surprise the drink has turned into a stick of frozen soda water. He pulled the stirring stick and started licking it. He found the icicle very tempting.

Saaransh: What is icicle Mom?

Mom: During freezing temperatures, dripping water forms the tapering piece of ice which is called Icicle.

Saaransh: Okay

Mom: He named this accidental invention Epsicle combination of icicle with his name Epperson. He started selling Epsicle in his neighborhood. Soon this treat became a hit among the children. Being a kid Frank could not think of registering this invention in his name. But he kept the process of Epsicle secret for around 18 years.

Saaransh: 18 years? Did he keep on selling Epsicle during these eighteen years?

Mom: Not really. He grew up to become a name in real estate business. Once he introduced his Epsicle in the Oakland ball of fireman and it became a big hit. Looking at the popularity of Epsicle he filed a patent for his childhood invention. On the insistence of his kids he renamed his invention to Popsicle as this name sounds more engaging and catchier. In 1924 the popsicle was patented in the name of Frank Epperson.

Saaransh: Why the word Pop?

Mom: As the popsicles are made of soda pop.

Saaransh: Ok now I got it. As made of soda pop and converted into icicle it is called Popsicle.

Mom: Correct! The Ice pops sold all across the globe are all based on Frank’s Popsicle.

Saaransh: I like it very much, delicious treat in summer time.

Mom: Yes, the most popular popsicle flavor is cherry. Do you know who owns this Popsicle company now?

Saaransh: Frank’s children

Mom: No, he sold rights of his creation to Joe Lowe Co. which went on to catapult Epperson’s invention to national success.

After few years’ giant food company Unilever Corporation bought the Popsicle from Joe Lowe Co. expanding the brand beyond its fruity flavor and Popsicle brand is now owned by Unilever.

Saaransh: Oh, that’s how it becomes Unilever product. Mom even I want to make my Popsicle like Frank.

Mom: Yup, why not, give it a try and enjoy your DIY frozen treat. Time to retire for the day! Good night!

Saaransh: Good night!

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