Invention of T.V

Mom : Hey, Saaransh, have you finished your homework?

Saaransh : Yes mom, finished homework, watched my favorite Paw Patrol and had dinner as well.

Mom : So now waiting for today’s story.

Saaransh : Yes mom, while watching T.V. I was wondering about who might have invented T.V. and how? Can you tell me story of T.V. invention please? I am very eager to hear that.

Mom : Ok, since you insist, will share invention story of Television.

This is the story of a boy name Philo Taylor Farnsworth who had a big idea and followed it through final success. During his high school he began to think of a system that could capture moving images & transform those images along radio waves to different devices. Philo was a son of farmer. One day he was ploughing a potato field with a horse driven harrow in straight, parallel lines. Looking at these lines of furrows drawn on the field, Philo got the idea of capturing images in horizontal line to depict the motion of object. He envisioned a system that would break an image into horizontal lines and reassemble those lines into a picture at the receiving end. Now the challenge was to find a suitable medium through which image can be captured and transmitted. He started reading science books. During this search Philo found electrons very effective to capture, transmit & reproduce the clear moving figure. He put his idea on a paper in the form of a drawing depicting transmission through the electrons. He showed it to his science teacher of the school. The teacher found the idea quite interesting, he encouraged Philo. Use of electrons brought a revolution in television development.

Saaransh : What are electrons?

Mom : Hmm, before getting to know about electrons, tell me what does air contain?

Saaransh : Air contains Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, Hydrogen & lot of other gases.

Mom : Correct, air is made up of molecules of different gases as you mentioned. Like air, all the matter around us is made up of smallest unit molecules. These molecules are made up of atoms. And electrons are part of these atoms.

Saaransh : Electrons are so tiny, are they visible to our eyes?

Mom : No dear they are not visible to our eyes.

Beam of such invisible electrons was used to capture the image. These electrons were transmitted through radio waves. Transmitted electrons were released further through a tube called CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) which is fixed behind the screen. Released electrons then hit the T.V. screen from inside which is coated with Phosphor. Coated screen when hit with electrons would reproduce the moving figures in the form of horizontal lines.

Saaransh : Why was screen coated with Phosphor?

Mom : Electrons alone could not make the image visible. Phosphor has the property of emitting light when hit with electrons. So we could see the moving figures.

Thus the world’s first electronic television was created by a 21 year old Philo. That inventor who lived in a house without electricity until he was age 14.

Saaransh : Oh, he lived without electricity in his childhood and even then dreamt of Television. Amazing

Mom : Indeed. That’s why it is said dream big to achieve big.

The first image ever transmitted by television was a simple line. Later, Farnsworth transmitted a dollar sign using his television after a prospective investor asked “When are we going to see some dollars in this thing, Farnsworth?”

Saaransh : Does our T.V. has that tube which releases electrons?

Mom : Actually modern T.V. does not have such tube inside that is why they are so thin. But old T.V. had such tube so they were comparatively little bulky.

Saaransh : Did he start manufacturing company of T.V. afterwards?

Mom : Yes, he started but unfortunately he did not succeed in it. But he would always be remembered as a revolutionary inventor of his times.

With this very thought its time to retire for the day. Good night, sweet dreams! Saaransh.

Saaransh : Good night Mom.

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