Invention of Telephone

Ansh : Have you watched today’s episode of Ramayana?

Saaransh : Yes I enjoyed watching Ramayana, I like the character of Hanuman most. Ok bye, my story time will start.

Mom : Saaransh what were you doing?

Saaransh : Mom, I was talking on phone with my friend Ansh.

Mom : Talking on phone, do you know who invented phone?

Saaransh : Alexander Graham Bell!! I know

Mom : Do you know how phone was invented?

Saaransh : Nope, is our today’s story related to phone invention?

Mom : Good guess. There is a very interesting story behind it.

Once there lived a man named Alexander Graham Bell in Scotland of U.K. He was an intelligent student since his childhood along with a very good pianist.

Saaransh : What do you mean by pianist?

Mom : Pianist is the one who plays piano.

Since his childhood he knew the value of voice as his mother was deaf.

Whenever he played piano, she would sit beside him and appreciated him a lot. He would always wonder whether his mother is able to understand his music or she is just happy to see her child playing piano. He wanted to develop such an instrument which will help his mother hear.

He started working on the instrument, during which he realized that sound waves can be transmitted to distant place through wire.

He along with Mr. Watson, his assistant were working to develop an instrument which could transmit sound signals to distant place. One day during experimentation, Watson & Bell were working in two different rooms. Suddenly an acid fell on Mr. Bell’s pant, so he called Watson ‘Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you!’

Mr. Watson noted that the voice has come from the instrument. This laid the foundation to the phone invention.

Thus, the phone was invented on 10th March 1876.

Saaransh : Mom could you elaborate more about how the sound was heard through instrument?

Mom : It worked on the principal that sound waves converted into electrical signals which are sent through wire to receiving end. At the receiving end electrical signal finally converted to audible sound.

Saaransh : Now I got to know how we can talk with distant person through phone.

Mom : Hmmm. Realizing the importance of this invention Alexander formed a company called ‘Bell’ for manufacturing telephones which progressed a lot at that time.

Saaransh : Does that company still exist?

Mom : Yes the company is still there but in the name of AT&T. One more fact I would like to share here that when Bell died in 1925 all the telephone lines were shut for a minute in his honor.

Saaransh : Since he invented such a useful thing he deserves this kind of honor. Right mom?

Mom : Absolutely .......Time to sleep now, Goodnight! Sweet dreams…

Saaransh : Goodnight!

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