Invention stories!

Saransh jumped into the bed and said its story time! Mom. But I want to hear a story of neither King-Queen nor animals. Today tell me new story with new characters.

Mom : Hmmm let me think…Krishna’s childhood stories?

Saransh : Not even mythological stories…now getting to see mythological stories on T.V.

Mom : Then…,Invention stories?

Saransh : Hmmm this sounds novel & interesting…

Mom : Before starting actual story, do you know the difference between discovery and invention?

Saransh : Invention means finding new thing and discovery also means the same…right?

Mom : No dear , they are two different terms. Let me explain

Do you remember Ajanta – Ellora caves we visited two years back with your cousins?

Saransh : Yeah, where after walking & climbing we get to see caves decorated with colourful paintings, beautiful monuments.

Mom : Correct! Finding these caves which already existed is discovery.

Saransh : Ok! And invention?

Mom : Creating new phone for the first time is invention.

Saransh : Like I create different patterns out of my blocks is Invention and when I find out my lost block it’s a discovery, Actually I discover and invent, Yeah!

Mom : Ha Ha Ha….. I like the way you related both concepts to your things. But it includes useful to all. In nut shell Invention is creating something new & useful which does not exist while discovery is finding something which already exists but not known.

Saransh : Ok! Got it

Creating something which does not exist is invention and finding something which already exist but not known is discovery.

Mom : Yup! Now its time to retire for the day! Goodnight! Sweet dreams

Saransh : Goodnight! Sweet dreams. Tomorrow Invention story Mom...

Mom : Yes!!! For sure

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