Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The Latest cyclone in INDIA! which happened to be recurring after nearly 129 years and hit the state of Maharashtra, which was one of the STRONGEST TROPICAL CYCLONE!

as Mumbai is low-lying and sea facing city it was probably going to be hit by the cyclone but by god's grace the economic hub of India was safe from Nisarg and it went on to other small villages and cities in Maharashtra but still Maharashtra Government handled the situation very well as there were not more than 5 deaths and a very few injuries who faced this beast(Nisarg).

And there is nothing to worry about now yet this was thy first cyclone

to hit Mumbai since Cyclone Phyan which had a serious impact on India’s economic hub Mumbai in the year 2009.

So lets know how this cyclone formed up : Nisarg had originated in the Arabian Sea generally made a progress towards the north it was then predicted to hit Mumbai in Maharashtra but suddenly it changed it’s route it just came and touched a city in Maharashtra(Alibag) and went towards one of India’s note printing headquartered city Nashik and other parts near Nashik in Maharashtra.

Now lets take a look over Maharashtra’s preparations to fight-off this beast :

June 1, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, held a preliminary review meeting with officials of National Disaster Management Authority, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), India Meteorological Department and the Indian Coast Guard.

On the same day, 33 team of NDRF were deployed in the coastal region of both the state.

Fishermen from Maharashtra were alerted to return back from the sea.

Hats-off to all the management team for handling this beast in such a short period of time causing minimum deaths and injuries and special thanks to the NDRF team.

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