No One Is You And Thats Your Power.😎

Hello readers, many of you thinking is why I decided to write on this topic of "Self Love" but trust me its very important in everyone's life, from children to adults self love is the key to success.

So what is self love? Is it different from selfishness? Is it worth to invest our valuable time in it ? Is it necessary to learn self love? Yeah it is. Most of people do the things for having an agenda. People wants success just to earn more dollars & luxury in life. But is anybody seriously working for excellence? This excellence is self love.

Be in present means what? It is enjoying the moment, enjoying your joy. In this world of chasing success, be the one who enjoys the journey of success. Selflove is all about your vibrations. Be happy , be grateful for what you already have in your life. Focus on building not on wants. Build yourself such that success will come towards you. Be the first one to make yourself happy. Respect the way you are. Perfectionism is a myth dont desperate to be like someone else because God creates you differently. Be famous for your thoughts, your journey not for your outerself. It is necessary to teach self love from childhood because it is a root of the life. Selflove sets us free while selfishness made us desperate for everything. Live life like you will have an interesting story to tell your upcoming generation because no one is watching a flop movie which has no story.

When you love yourself, the world will live you😉❤🦋

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