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With two kids I was struggling to manage house chores and have some “ME” time. This was taking toll on my mental & emotional health. Later I started analyzing which is the most time-consuming work done in a day and realized that cooking time could be reduced to find some “ME” time. I was really worried about the time spend in the kitchen.

I thought to find solution myself. Started experimenting ways of cooking to reduce time. But was not satisfied. While searching on Facebook came across a group called OPOS group. I found the name very different. Read the description box and thought can this be possible? Let me join the group and understand first. I joined and started following the group. To my surprise there were so many people who were struggling to manage kitchen with their other responsibilities. These same people are now not only managing kitchen and other things very well but also are excited to try their hands-on different cuisines. Every alternate day someone would post a thank you note for Mr. Rama Krishnan, admin of OPOS group. I too started enjoying cooking and could manage time as well. The sweat wiped out of the kitchen. I was amazed at how fast it is with authentic taste.

You all must be wondering what is OPOS? Who is this Mr. Rama Krishnan (RK)?

Well, OPOS stands for One Pot One Shot. This group is not about sharing mere recipes. This group insist on the technique of cooking. Mr. Rama Krishnan, a mechanical engineer discovered and developed this technique. His journey from non-cook to an obsessed cook started 10 years back. For professional reasons he had to relocate at different places both national & international. This compelled him to try his hands-on cooking. During this period, he discovered the pleasure of cooking free, without being bound to recipes or cuisines. But the engineer in him wanted to develop a set of recipes that work the same way for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Ramki’s idea of layering and cooking was too strange for the people to try. Whenever he would talk about his idea of pressure baking which was quite different from traditional methods, he faced strong rejection excluding few hard-core followers. As it is rightly said change is hard at the start, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

He then conducted an event where he cooked solo, a 10-course marriage feast from scratch for 500 people in less than 3 hours, just to convince people that how simple cooking can be. But in vein, people still continued old time-consuming method of cooking. Here he realized something is missing. The missing gap was flawless way to translate each theme into infinite recipes. Still convincing people to change the way they cook anywhere in the world especially in India is the biggest challenge.

He started talking about OPOS in the Facebook group, where few listened and most mocked. When he proposed that most food can be cooked in One Pot at One Shot without supervision he was laughed at & accused of corrupting traditional cooking compromising health & safety. But he was fortunate enough to convince core group of volunteers to follow OPOS. Chitra Vishwanathan, Manjula Natrajan,Varlaxmi Raghavan, Saraswathi Jayram and Shyamla Shrivatsan were the first one to trust his technique. Together they started UBF (United by Food). Gradually the group crossed all the barriers of community & religion.

The same group is todays OPOS group. This group and RK aimed to make cooking everyone’s cup of tea. Even during this pandemic situation cooking variety of dishes which are nutritious & healthy is possible even for newbies if followed OPOS. Icing on the cake is dish can be cooked in jiffy that too in limited number of utensils. Save fuel save time. Being a part of group, every alternate day came across a testimonial by different people to express their gratitude towards RK, his unique technique & the group.

This is my small attempt to thank the master chef Mr. Ramakrishnan for his technique and innovation in the method of cooking. Hundreds of people actively participated, validated and molded OPOS. OPOS is a revolution. It never fails if we follow the rules. Cooking has become child’s play because of this unique technique. Even children can try their hands in cooking with OPOS of course if handheld by adult. I urge the readers to at least give it a try to OPOS way of cooking. I am dam sure you will not only love it but will start living it.

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