Pursue your hobbies

We lose ourselves in books. We find ourselves in them too We lose ourselves in music. We find ourselves in it too.

We lose ourselves in the art. We find ourselves in it too.

Do we all agree with these lines? Try to replace the words – books, music and art – by your own hobby. I am sure all of us would relate to this. And by hobby, I do not mean it in the extremely broad sense that it is often used. Many people also talk about converting their hobby into profession. Nothing wrong in that except that you start sharing it with others. It doesn’t remain your own. You do it to please others, at times even letting go of your choice in the matter. And just like that the hobby stops being a mood changer, a mood lifter and a mood healer. Basically, it stops being “hobby”, as per my definition. I mean “hobby” in a very personal way as something very close to our hearts. Something that we are not comfortable in sharing with others.

Six months into this forced lockdown and by large, peoples’ mental health is as much a worry as this pandemic and the economic slowdown. Each one of us has to emerge out of this situation with a healthy mind. And to achieve that, this my kind of “hobby”, plays a very important role. It has a cathartic effect on your mind and soul.

I say “personal” because we are unwilling to share it with others. Like with me, I never like to discuss what I am reading. I never even take suggestions about what I should read. I do my own research, see what is available, check the reviews and decide on my own. I do not even have a particular genre that I am fond of. The kind of books I read changes with my state of mind. Reading is one thing that I do just for myself and do it with no specific purpose at all. I just pick a book and let it take me on a journey. And I think each one of us should have at least one such “hobby”.

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