Pursue your hobby Part III

Hope you all have digested yesterday’s story. If you ask me, well, truer words have never been said. The liberation you experience when you pursue something you like, in your own way, is matchless. Of course, we all cannot be as reclusive as Swami Haridas. Of course, we have our own “worldly” pursuits…. studies, chores, office – work, etc. But why not find some time every day to be Swami Haridas? We torture our mind and expose it to many external influences. We let the mind feel pressurised, dejected and worn out by the (sometimes) unreasonable demands of life. Then do we not owe our mind some time purely for its own happiness?

Each one of us deserves this time. We deserve to have that one “hobby” which rejuvenates us and makes us happy. We have earned those few minutes for ourselves. Grab them. Demand them. Use them to nourish your mind and soul. And experience the best version of yourself, once in a while. Stay Safe and Stay Healthy – mind, body and soul!!!!

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