Safarnama - The Travel Tales

Travelling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

- Ibn Battuta

Life has offered me many opportunities to travel. I am grateful for them as they have humbled me and helped me grow as a person. The joy one experiences while exploring a place, its food, its culture and people is boundless. Over the years, I have also realised that the journeys leading to these places and people have been equally mesmerising, eventful and gratifying.

Being born and brought up in the plains, mountains were a distant, out-of-reach enigmatic objects which always beckoned me and as soon as I could, I responded to their call with all my heart. Travelling across the Indian Himalayan Region, I have fallen in love with its simplicity, humility and resilience. The experience has been delightful. It was always on my mind to write about those long, entertaining, enriching journeys. But words seemed to elude me and somehow, I always chose to make one more journey instead of reminiscing about the earlier one. But now, when we all are confined, writing about them is my way of reliving those moments once again.

Of the various tours I have undertaken, Kashmir – Ladakh Trip and the Chardham Yatra are very close to my heart. I experienced the Himalayas and the Himalayan way of life, up close and personal on these tours. The memories are humbling, bitter-sweet and also scary at times. And putting them together would be an emotional roller – coaster for me. I hope the reader enjoys reading them as much.

Watch out for my blogs every Sunday under the “Safarnama – The Travel Tales” series. Fasten your seat - belts and stay tuned!!!

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