What to do if a TIGER ATTACKS YOU!!!

Hey guys it's good to know that you are on this blog to save yourself from tiger attacks!!!

so here are a few things yous should do! :

1 Try to remain calm and back away slowly. When you feel or see a tiger following you or is looking towards you as prey don't run away instead keep your cool and slowly(as slow as possible) back away.Keep going backwards until the tiger is nowhere to be seen

then be quick and runaway as fast as possible to save yourself

2 Make yourself to be seen as brave. Try to look brave to the tiger so that it feels you are not a soft target and the tiger would also take a few steps back feeling weaker(tiger).

And never ever crouch or fold yourself or don't try to hide from the tiger cause the tiger will feel that you are his prey and that's why you are hiding from him and then most likely the tiger is going to attack you instead of this you will stand-up straight showing no fear to the tiger making the tiger feel weaker in front of you

3 Be a noisy one. Make as loud as possible sounds with anything you have or you are carrying and yelling would also be the perfect choice for frightening the tiger.

you must make all kinds of sounds strong and loud without a Shiver of fear in neither your mind nor your body

if the tiger figures out that you are making the sounds with fright then most likely this tip won't work so you are going to lay down your life by misusing this tip

(remember using this tip will also help you for giving a distress signal) 4

Try making as harsh or powerful light as possible or light a fire

Try to make some fire or even harsh or powerful torches would work

5 Do whatever you can to survive. If the tiger begins to physically attack, it is unlikely to stop. Continue making as much noise as possible, and use whatever you have to shield yourself and strike back in self defense. Avoid playing dead; if the tiger is attacking out of an interest in eating you, it will simply proceed unencumbered. Remember that your best chance of survival is convincing the tiger to flee, which will require you to frighten or injure the tiger.

  • If you are lucky enough to survive an attack start working on the first aid part only perform the medical part if you are aware about the correct method to give self medication and you should know what are it's side effects.

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